GSEA/Enrichment Map Analysis - Home

To make the GSEA reports locally available on a Mac in the Guido's/Danska Network:
  1. log in with a Administrative Useraccount
  2. Connect to Server lunaticfringe mounting the guidos_labfiles share
  3. open a terminal
  4. make sure the guidos_labfiles are mouted correctly:
    ls /Volumes/guidos_labfiles/personal_folders/ZFormer_Members/Stueker_Oliver/
    should return StemCellProject
  5. create a fake User-Directory:
    sudo mkdir /Users/revilo
  6. make sure other user-accounts can access:
    sudo chmod a+rX /Users/revilo
  7. create symbolic link to data on lunaticfringe/guidos_labfiles:
    cd /Users/revilo
    sudo ln -s /Volumes/guidos_labfiles/personal_folders/ZFormer_Members/Stueker_Oliver/StemCellProject .
  8. If this Link works, everything is correct.